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Crochet. It’s like beer, but not really, but sort of.

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Crochet. It’s like beer, but not really, but sort of.


Hi, y’all!

I’m Rikki. You may remember me from such incarnations as a bank teller, waitress, student, geriatric activities assistant, candy fiend, and muppet fanatic. Recently I joined the Iron Horse family, to begin yet another story in my journey through life. Also, I’m teaching myself to Crochet.

Why should you care that I’m learning something new? You shouldn’t. *Unless you’re my husband, then you may want to check and see if I need more yarn and candy.* But I can tell you that crocheting isn’t the only skill im learning right now. Here at the brewery, a culture of self motivation is one of the keys to our success. As a long time follower, I’ve been now presented with challenges and support from my coworkers, with the understanding that I take the reigns. What a ride! Ownership, accountability, and responsibility are the drivers to our own success.

At our meeting/potluck/beerfest on Sunday, Greg pointed out efficiency should be our next big focus in the self improvement department. I sure as shit am definitely needing to improve my efficiency at home, and I’m thinking at work as well.

I have a buttload of projects at home (Knitting and sewing for the win!) that need to be finished, rather than my usual habit of ditching them in a plastic bag in the guest room. Ive already taken Ownership of this. i call that room the place where my projects go to hibernate. Now I have to hold myself accountable for this problem. No more candy ’till I finished! Haha just kidding, just no more shopping for new projects! For the responsibility part, I guess I can no long blame the damn cat for my UFO’s (you’re learning crafty jargon!). So what is my solution? Finish that stuff, so I can buy more projects! And finish it quickly, so I don’t get bored with it halfway through. That’ll improve my crafting efficiency!

Why am I learning to crochet then? I’m thinking outside of my regular habits, and finding a new way around my problem. Crocheting is another way to finish my fiber projects and bust my stash of yarn, and fabric strips! Plus, I feel cool when I take my knitting/crocheting to the bar. Everyone loves a person who can handmake a beer cozy!

Thinking outside the box has become my new hobby, and new working style, and I hope you try it too. And to relate this back to the retail part of iron horse… If you always drink the same beer, think outside the box and try something new. If you like it drink it, if you don’t, don’t, but high five yourself, because you tried something new. *see what I did there?!*

I love you all, thanks for reading!

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