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Dirtbags and Culture Killers

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Dirtbags and Culture Killers


This week we bring people from all parts of our Iron Horse community, including our hockey team, to put on The Dirtbag Carnival here at the brewery. Like all of our large events it hasn’t happened in awhile which presents an opportunity to reinvent this tradition. What hasn’t changed is the collaborative needs of an event on this scale. These large events only work when each person involved helps shape the way it’s being built from the ground up. One dubious contribution from an equally dubious contributor are hats made from some brewery packaging materials to crown King and Queen Dirtbag of the night. If you show up dirtbag enough, yes, you will be crowned with a handmade cardboard hat. So it feels fitting that this same week that Greg indulged his lowest-minded child-like endeavor of cardboard hat building would be the same week that The True Craft Podcast went live, where Greg attempted ( and succeeded?) at sharing his highest-minded self. In this podcast Greg sits down with the people behind Small Batch Standard ( an organization whose focus is working closely with microbreweries to create business tools that are industry specific) to talk about Iron Horse and his philosophy on what makes a fun workplace and hopefully a heroic community. If you have wanted a peek behind the curtain of how this organizational ecosystem that is Iron Horse takes shape and evolves, give a listen.

“Flat isn’t exactly what’s desired or even feasible. I think it’s more about how do we exert influence? Is it through force or through guidance? Is it collaborative or is it mandates?”

Greg Parker,

Ex Officio Bosshole

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