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Eastern Washington Brewfest in Central Washington

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Eastern Washington Brewfest in Central Washington


LOOKING FOR 2015 Eastern Washington Brewfest Info?
It may seem like we are shouting. We are.

Here’s the press release announcing our little Eastern Washington Brewfest in Central Washington.


Here’s the list of participating breweries.  We’re stoked.

Icicle Brewery
Wild Earth Brewing
Yakima Craft
Top Frog Brewery
Orlison Brewing Co.
Alpine Brewing Co
Badger Mt. Brewing
Bale Breaker
Colockum Brewing Company


Iron Horse Brewery Announces Eastern Washington Brewfest in Central Washington on May 16th from 5-10
Giving a High-Five to Washington Craft Breweries East of the Cascades.

ELLENSBURG, WA  (April 4, 2014) Iron Horse Brewery has announced plans to host the Eastern Washington Brewfest in Central Washington on May 16th. The brewfest will take place in and around Iron Horse’s new downtown location, [the pub] with tastings offered from 9.5 different breweries located in Central and Eastern Washington.

“We hosted a similar brewfest about three years ago and we’ve been trying ever since to bring it back,” said Retail Manager, Suzanne Vargas. “With the brewery expansion complete and the move to [the pub], the time finally seemed right. Also we like to have fun and we want to have fun with other people who make beer. Oh and people who like to taste it as well,” commented Vargas.

 The Brewfest

This brewfest is targeted towards beer enthusiasts as well as local accounts in and around Central and Eastern Washington. The 4-5 o’clock hour will host area restaurant and bar reps allowing for participating craft breweries to showcase their product. “We hope that new relationships are formed in the first hour of this event between breweries and bar & restaurant staff. We believe craft beer is in good taste, not an acquired taste and want as many craft options as possible available to people when they go out to eat or to grab a drink. Beyond that we want to get as many people excited and familiar with beer from this side of the mountains,” said Director of Marketing Jared Vallejo. “Also, brewfests are fun and we want to give people a Friday night that is better than sitting around in your underwear eating salisbury steak. Unless you like that sort of thing, which is fine because salisbury steak is delicious,” added Vallejo.

The event opens to the public at 5pm. Tickets can be purchased online at :  for  $20 and include 6 tastings and a keepsake glass. Additional tastings can be purchased onsite. There will be food available for purchase by our neighbors, Brisket Barbecue, and live music throughout the evening. Contact with questions.





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