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Ellensburg is Awesome

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Ellensburg is Awesome


*Originally written by Suzanne Vargas

This is a somewhat unlikely post from me considering I have been cursing the wind for the past few days. But today I woke up with some clarity, Ellensburg is f***ing awesome.

Why you ask? Well, in my opinion it is really the people. A recent example comes to mind from a post I saw on facebook about a couple from the Westside whose dog escaped from their car at the thorp fruit stand. They looked for hours with no luck and then spent the next few days driving back in forth from the Westside looking for it. My husband and I drove out there to look for it and ran into multiple community members doing the same. It was really amazing to see the all these people spending their time out there in the wind looking for a dog who belonged to a total stranger. Luckily this story has a good ending (we all love those right?) the dog was found and returned to its family; but would it have happened without the great community that we have?

At this point you are probably wondering what this post has to do with the brewery or even beer. My answer, well I don’t know. I suppose I could talk about how the seasons here are VERY conducive to beer drinking.

The beautiful sunny and warm summers make everyone thirsty for a good beer. And the Micropub has us all covered with plenty of summer beers to choose from and a garden out back to soak in some sun while we drink it.

The long cold winters make everyone want to curl up inside and enjoy good stout. Now with production gone, the large area in back of the tasting room allows us to enjoy summer games like cornhole inside the a warm room during the winter months. Talk about a win win!!

Then of course there is Spring. The only reason I enjoy the windy spring is because I know summer is coming. So as I hole up inside to avoid the wind I enjoy a few too many beers to pass the time waiting for summer to come.

Last but not least: fall. Which is SO beautiful here in Ellensburg. All the crunchy leaves just waiting to be stepped on make me want to walk downtown and of course the Micropub is always a convenient stopping point.

Geez, even I didn’t know I had so much to say about the weather. More than anything I just wanted to tell you all how much I love Ellensburg. How lucky I feel to have a job that allows me to stay here. So who is with me? Does anybody else love Ellensburg as much as I do?

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