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Flow On Dark Summer

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Flow On Dark Summer


Why do we create marketing campaigns? To get you to pay attention to us and drink more beer. Is there anything special about our Summer campaign that is different from the thousands of others who have done the same before? Not really… but we are focussing on the things that bring us together in our little valley. Those things are days by the river, adventures in the mountains and hanging out at the brewery on Summer nights listening to local musicians do what they do best. 

We are kicking off our Summer with Eastern Washington Brewfest, bringing only 509 breweries together at the IHB Mothership. Then we have a full Summer of concerts mixed in with some nights of dancing, fly fishing, cornhole, cage matches, a giant Chia Pet, lots of pizza from Swiftfired Pizza, more new beers and ciders than we can count, and it ends with the biggest and baddest Dirtbag Carnival you’ve seen. 

What IS different about this campaign is that we have giveaways you have never seen before. We’re giving away custom, massive kegasus floaties so you can be the envy of all your friends and get strange looks at the lake. Also, three lucky winners will receive a custom Iron Horse Yeti cooler large enough to store a questionable amount of Irish Death while out and about on quests.

The start of this campaign also includes a collaboration with a new country rock band:

 “Kyle James and the Hay Dogs.” Why do a bunch of musicians want to make a music video with us? It might be because we pay in beer or because Christina, our Community Engagement person, asked really nicely and made sandwiches for everyone. Either way we wanted to share a little slice of Eburg with our fans all over the PNW.

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