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Game of Thrones Characters Drinking Iron Horse Beers

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Game of Thrones Characters Drinking Iron Horse Beers


SPOILERS. If you have not watched Game of Thrones but want to, you probably shouldn’t read this blog.

We don’t have an Iron Throne at Iron Horse Brewery, but we have a number of tasty beers that you should consider picking up for your Game of Thrones viewing party on April 14th.

Like everyone else in the world I have been eagerly awaiting the return of GOT (also the G.O.A.T.). With an entire rewatch completed, podcasts consumed, and fan theories digested, I think I’m ready for Season 8.

Now all I have to do is figure out what I want to drink to celebrate the final season. Lannisters love wine, but I work at a brewery and don’t have access to casks of wine, so I will be picking a beer. That led me to think about what Iron Horse beers the Game of Thrones characters still living would drink as they await the intense battle ahead.

So grab a can, bottle, or growler of our beer, pour it in your favorite chalice, and get ready for Season 8.


Tyrion LannisterHand Cannon – er Cand Hannon.
Tyrion served as the acting hand of the king (season 2) and is named Hand of the Queen by Danaerys (season 6). Mosaic, azacca, calypso hops galore fill this explosive IPA giving it a tropical and citrus flavor. The carapils malt helps provide the necessary stability to this hop loaded cannon sitting in your hand right now. It’s fun, but interesting enough to satisfy Tyrion. However, he probably wouldn’t turn down any style of beer.


Cersei LannisterSend It Pale Ale. Cersei prefers wine, but if she had to drink beer this would be it. Send It is for the beer drinker who is making bold moves. Sending It is what Cersei does best. If she wants something she gets it. She wanted to get rid of certain people so she arranged for a cache of wildfire to be detonated beneath the Sept. killing them. Her confidence and cunning ultimately leads her to be crowned the first ever Queen Regnant of the Seven Kingdoms.


Brienne of Tarth Nordic Cousin. She’s refreshing and not what you expected. This beer is like the relative you’ve heard stories about but didn’t believe existed until she showed up on your doorstep speaking a foreign language. Similarly, Brienne is not what is expected for a lady in GOT. If you’re rooting for Brienne to survive, give this beer a try.


Arya Stark Light Rail. With needle in her belt and a desire to be quick and light on her feet Arya would go for a low abv beer that didn’t dull her senses. Paired with meat pies probably.


Jaime Lannister High Five Hefe… too soon? Jaime will sip this honey, ginger wheat beer while high fiving people with his left hand.


Jon SnowIrish Death. Winterfell is known for their mugs of dark beer (Season 1). Jon would have grown up with it, and would surely drink a mug of it after a day ranging north of The Wall. Dark, smooth, ale.


Sansa Stark Double Rainbow. A red ale. A red ipa. Double Rainbow lures you in with its charming good looks and leaves you unusually satisfied…  kind of like how you felt when Sansa fed Ramsey to his dogs.


Daenerys TargaryenThousand Flowers. She has freed thousands of slaves and is a rare find in the GOT world. Likewise, this beer is so rare and unique because it takes 1,000 flowers to make one ounce of saffron. A wheatwine ale made with honey and saffron.


The Hound 509. The hound likes ale. He’s usually taking it from farmers (Season 4) and this is the farmer’s choice. It’s classic and refreshing. Almost a pale ale, this beer is made for the beer drinker who is looking for an easy drinking, balanced intro to craft beer.


Bronn – Whatever beer someone else is buying him. To drink like Bronn you’ve got to get your friends to cover your beers.


Lyanna Mormont – Water. She has no time for beer, or nonsense.  


IHB brands that are dead… Just like these characters

Robert BaratheonGary. An imperial IPA for a king. Older, not wiser.

Rob StarkBeer Wolf for the young wolf. When you have an insatiable desire for a tasty ale or taking a kingdom, when you literally want to chew the top off a bottle of beer to get to the contents.

Petyr Baelish “Littlefinger”Fomenter. Poke the bear, stir the pot, kick a beehive. Turn house against house. Foment, it’s what he does. Waiting for key moments to cause a little mayhem for no good reason whatsoever, or to incite change.

Prince Oberyn MartellFarmlandia. A french saison. Hay fields, thick mustaches, flannel, and wheel grease. This beer has a citrusy spicy and bubbly mouth experience. Dorn is the only part of Westeros where citrus fruits and spices grow.

Ramsay BoltonHopKrieg. An assault of hops on your palate, declaring war on your senses. Beginning with a bread like smoothness it transitions into a bright, bitter and crisp beer. Like Ramsey Bolton. Smooth and fake at first, but then quickly showing his bitter side.

YgritteShortcut Sour. Sometimes it’s ok to cheat and so we did. A kettle sour. With light green apple and citrus aromas. Bursting tartness upon first taste followed by a zesty combination leaving you wanting more.

Ned Stark2 Live Brew, a brown ale. He’d drink something dark, and like 2 Live Brew Ned Stark thrived when times were simpler before he was forced to go to King’s Landing. Malty goodness like when you used to sit on your porch listening to sweet ass rhymes or when you sat in your castle listening to your children squabble.

Khal DrogoDisruptor. Disrupt your senses like the Dothraki disrupt. Showcasing hops making beer come alive. We call this revolution ipa.

So who will win the Game of Thrones?

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