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Hugging has got to be one of the worst communication devices ever invented. The intention is good and all, letting someone know you care enough about them to touch their torso to yours; but the road to Hell is paved with good intentions.

What heartwarming form of human contact doesn’t suck you ask? The high five. Up high, down low, air five, double high five (high ten) and secret handshakes. These can’t be translated into hugging. Okay, they could; but we’re pretty sure a hug down low equals sexual harassment charges and air hugs just look ridiculous.

A high five is always welcome; a high five is never taking it too far.

Hugs on the other hand, when is it even okay to hug someone else? Is here an amount of time one must know another in order to hug them? What do you do if someone goes in for the hug and you’re too sweaty or smelly or out of shape to have them touching you like that. A simple wipe on the trousers fixes the problem for a handshake, they haven’t yet invented something that can quickly wipe a whole body clean, pre-hug.

Hugging has become immensely popular as a form of hello and goodbye; and quite honestly, it’s disgusting.

When did it become acceptable to hug someone you literally just met? Do hugs even mean anything anymore? Wikipedia sites a hug as “a near universal form of physical intimacy,” soooo, essentially we have all been intimate with thousands of people. That explains the rash.

The High Five Project is our mission to end the abomination that is hugging, and we need your help.

#H5Project is our quest to obtain 5,555 high fives by August 5th at 5:55pm. Send us pictures of yourself high fiving your grandma, your boss, or a bear. Post pictures to Twitter or Facebook with #H5project or simply post to our High Five Project event page on Facebook. Visit to buy canned High Five Hefe, nominate a charity to high five or read the complete High Five manifesto.

Warning, your high fives will be featured on our social media daily and will be a part of the high five compilation video that will be sent to Tom Brady himself, because let’s face it; he needs those high fives more than

So please, stop hugging and go high five yourself, because you deserve it.

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