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Hello. I Play a Retail Manager on TV.

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Hello. I Play a Retail Manager on TV.


*Originally written by Suzanne Vargas.

My name is Suzanne Vargas.
I have been working for the Iron Horse for the past three years. First as a server and currently as the Retail Manager.

What does a retail manager do at the Iron Horse you ask?
Well is consists mostly of beer drinking while crouched behind the bar late at night after we are closed. Kidding (mostly). In all seriousness, its basically a juggling act. Between keeping existing customers happy, innovating new ways to get more customers into the tasting room and micropub, planning parties and events, scheduling, cleaning, organizing, making excel graphs (Greg is learning how much I love those), and analyzing sales trends, I keep myself pretty busy. It’s a fun and exciting job that I am looking forward to sharing through this blog.

Or if reading is not your thing, stop by the micropub or tasting room to see me and I’ll share my ideas on life in general.

Don’t want to hear that either?

Well fine, then just take a look at this T-Shirt I found on Pinterest.


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