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High Five a Charity part dos

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High Five a Charity part dos


*Originally written by Tess McIntyre who quit

Hello people of the internet. This quick blog is to let you know we are creeping up on part two of our High Five a Charity initiative. What is that you say, young marsupial? You don’t know about this ‘High Five a Charity’ thingy? Well that’s crazy that you don’t but I will tell you about it anyways.

We love high fiving and we want to be sure that we can extend a high five to everyone who is near us and  virtually, as well, to deserving organizations of your choosing. For the past month-ish we’ve asked that you nominate a charity of your choice for Iron Horse Brewery to send a money-filled-High Five. So you should go to and do that now. and then come back and read some more.

Be sure to get all your nominations in by August 5th at 5:55pm because as of 5:56 pm open nominations will close. From there we take the top ten most nominated organizations, link to their website and social media and ask that the public get to know these non profits, and then vote for where they think this money high five should go. Anyone who happens upon will be able to choose which organization get’s their vote.

So really this post is to tell you to get nominating in hopes that your organization makes its way to the top ten list.

More details to follow on Part two. We promise. Ish.

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