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Hiking…With Beer?

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Hiking…With Beer?


*Originally written by Taylor Castillo who quit

Ahh, the Pacific Northwest. The place with great views and even greater brews.

Hiking not only brings you closer to nature, but it gives you an opportunity to get away from all the stress and the noise of everyday life. And what better way to escape the craziness, then with an ice-cold beer atop a picturesque mountain.

Some hikes can be strenuous, which makes the view and the beer at the end much more gratifying. Others, however, can be a nice jaunt through a well-groomed trail. Whatever kind of hike tickles your fancy, don’t forget to bring along a little reward once you reach the top.

So here are some of the best hikes (in my not-so-professional opinion) that just so happens to pair will with IHB beer.

The Hike: Snow Lake
The Level: Easy
The Beer: QID

Snow Lake

Snow Lake

Getting to Snow Lake only takes about an hour, and the view is perfect with little to no sweat whatsoever. That is why it pairs beautifully with a dark, smooth Irish Death to top off this relaxing day hike.

These short trail walks may be easy, but always leaves you feeling satisfied nonetheless. So there’s no need to feel guilty drinking a heavier beer after finishing this quick little stroll.

Skyscraper Pass

Skyscraper Pass

The Hike: Skyscraper Pass
The Level: Moderate
The Beer: Finger Gun IPA 

This is one of the most incredible hikes I have ever done, hands down. It’s almost not fair that we get to live near such a beautiful mountain, so embrace it while you can!

The trail is fairly simple with a few parts of incline. The hardest part is the very end. It is about a half mile straight up, but the end result is something out of a million dollar documentary. When you’re finally at the top, you get the feeling that you could sit their forever. What makes it even better, is enjoying a fresh, crisp IPA that has a mouth feel to re-hydrate you for the long trek back.

Wonderland Trail

Wonderland Trail

The Hike: The Wonderland Trail
The Level: Difficult
The Beer: high Five Hefe or Anything You Can Carry 

Now this hike isn’t for the weak. It is a 93ish mile hike that twists and turns all the way around Mt. Rainier. It typically takes around 10 days if you complete 6-10 miles per day, but the sites you experience are unlike anything else. If you ever have the chance and/or the time to check this hike off your bucket list, I highly suggest you do. If it isn’t on your bucket list, it certainly should be now.

Carrying a pack with a couple days worth of food, water and shelter is extremely challenging, but that’s no excuse to leave behind some good ol’ brewskies. I would pack something tasty such as cans of High Five High for the recovery of a long days hike. Nothing will help take your mind off of the gross amount of blisters you just accrued from day one, or how sore you already know you’re going to be the next day than some honey, ginger, wheat hefeweizen.

So start stocking up on your craft beers and plan your next hiking adventure. The more you hike, the more beer you can drink without the fear of a serious beer belly. Don’t be lazy, get outside!!


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