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Holy Shit That’s a Lot of Impressions

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Holy Shit That’s a Lot of Impressions


Despite the memes circulating around promising us all that 2016 was the worst year ever I have had a lot of fun reflecting on it. Specifically in regards to my job at Iron Horse. My position involves managing our social media and keeping track of the interactions, impressions, likes (and unlikes) that we receive. If you think that sounds like a lot of fun, you’re right. 

This year our online presence has changed quite dramatically. We updated our website, finally started managing a pub specific Facebook page and introduced Snapchat (@ironhorsebeer). Our blogs became more consistent as did our video content. While some platforms grew others have started to fall. It was announced this year that Vine will soon disappear (RIP) and Facebook has changed it’s algorithms so that business pages essentially have to pay to show up on news feeds.

Online marketing is a race to stay ahead of the trends but it is also reactive. The consumer is in control of what outlets we use to reach out to you. Right now the preferred platforms seem to be Instagram and Snapchat so we have adapted our marketing plan accordingly and will expect to see continued growth on those platforms in 2017.

Our online presence grew like crazy this year and if you’re reading this right now you are part of that. So thank you for making me (us) look good.



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