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Inside Baseball. A sports reference about two Washington beer orgs you should know about.

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Inside Baseball. A sports reference about two Washington beer orgs you should know about.


What is the Washington Beer Commission and what is the Washington Brewers Guild and why should you care?

There exists two official agencies working on behalf of Washington Beer and Washington breweries. I happen to be a member of one, and a commissioner of the other. They are the Washington Brewers Guild and the Washington Beer Commission.

For a time, there was only one, the brewers guild. The guild was doing all the hard work, making stuff happen, promoting Washington beer, having fun, drinking beer and then; the Washington State Liquor Control Board stepped in.
Fun. Is. Over.
Ok, I am being dramatic. They said that an industry organization, such as the Brewers Guild, was not within its legal rights to obtain the agency’s much vaunted Special Occasion License. Ooooh, it’s so special.

Well, actually it is.

It is what allows the majority of the festivals in the state to occur.

(Now watch me botch a history lesson. )
At the point this lovely determination was made by the state, some cunning individuals grabbed their boot straps and got some legislation passed real quick,

Side Note; that is how we know i don’t have a clue what I am talking about, legislation never happens fast. Consider this the wikipedia journalism format. Research is a pain in the ass so I am counting on people to get super-pissed off at my incorrect assertion of the facts and present them on their own in response to my blog while simultaneously boosting our web relevance. booyah!

legally forming the Washington Beer Commission. Smart! This allowed the brewing community to continue to put on the festivals that it had established and continue to generate revenue to market Washington Beer.

Want to know more of this riveting story and the tension that exists beneath the surface? Just ask and I will produce a part two. As for now, I’m spent.

Hugs and Kisses

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Tyler Sharp
May 23, 2013 1:59 pm

For those interested:

“The Washington Beer Commission was ratified by the Washington State Legislature on September 6, 2006 as an Agricultural Commodity Commission, becoming the first commodity commission for craft beer in the U.S.Through RCW 15.89 the state granted the commission the opportunity to produce up to 12 beer tasting festivals per year and to use the proceeds to promote and market Washington’s craft breweries. An assessment of ten cents per barrel produced by each brewery (with a cap assessment of $1,000) was also a part of the legislation. Washington state now boasts 162 breweries and is still the only state in the nation with a beer commission.”

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