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Inside Baseball – Part Two

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Inside Baseball – Part Two


I last left you with an objective view of the two organizations that are responsible for fighting/marketing on behalf of Washington beer.

Here is where I get political.

While I love being able to call myself a ‘Washington Beer Commissioner’ and not have it be some made up title but a state-government recognized position, it is not worthy enough for me to endorse the continuation of the commission. I know what you’re thinking. Which is very presumptuous of me. You think I am a hypocritical self-loather who is too weak to leave the organization that I propose to dismantle. Not so fast.

The beer commission was vitally important to the continuation of some of the finest beer festivals in the state. Was. Now, the Liquor Control Board decided that trade organizations can organize festivals.

What do we have now? Two organizations, one limited in scope, unable to do anything more than market possesing all the money, and another with unlimited scope, broke as a joke. Solidarity for Washington Beer? I seriously hope the brewers can come to that conclusion because if we can’t, how can we expect the consumers to?

Something to ponder while I work on drawings of my jet-copter.


P.S. I don’t support abandoning the commission entirely. Since the state could yank the rug out from under us at any time, I support the continued existence of the beer commission in its most minimal form so that we would be able to react to a similar determination in the future

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