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Interns Recreate 80’s Movie Scenes Contest #1

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Interns Recreate 80’s Movie Scenes Contest #1


As you may or may not know, Iron Horse Brewery has 3 interns working at Iron Horse Brewery.
While they are all unique, smart, and driven individuals, they have one big thing in common which I find quite compelling.
They have a collective willingness to try ridiculous ideas for the sake of “this might be a funny thing to do”. Today is no exception.

We are kicking off our weekly “Interns Recreate 80’s Movie Scenes” contest.
The title explains what it is, but in case you like anti-brevity…every week, the interns will recreate a still image from a 1980’s movie.
Every week, we will post that image. You guess what it is. We’ll randomly draw winner from correct guesses the following week. Repeat.

This weeks contest is brought to you by #mustachepete.
Below you will find a picture. A picture in which intern Peter recreates a scene from an 80’s movie.

You have to guess which movie this is from. (that sentenced ended with a preposition)
Post your answer here, on our facebook page, or tag us on twitter (@ironhorsebrewery).

On Monday June 14th, we’ll go through all the correct answers, and we’ll randomly – using – pick a winner.

What does the winner get, you ask?
A High Five Hefe T-Shirt
A High Five Hefe Foam Hand
A High Five Hefe Koozie
Global recognition that you know your 80’s movies.

And now, here’s the pic. Bonus points if you share this picture with people, as Peter’s parents will be really proud.

Peter Recreates a Movie Scene

Guess what movie this is from, put your answer, win some High Five Swag.

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