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Interns Recreate 80’s Movie Scenes Contest #2

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Interns Recreate 80’s Movie Scenes Contest #2


It’s that day of the week again.
No, not the day when you realize your roommate forgot to pay your internet access bill and they are going to turn it off.
Yes, the day in which we start another round of intern recreated scenes from 80’s movies.
No, not the day before Friday.
Yes, it’s Wednesday.

Okay, back to the contest. I admit to laughing too much when seeing these pictures. Fortunately, #mustachepete is a good sport. And #unicornconnie and #nonicknamerobyn did a great job getting this staged.

Here is the picture.

Peter is an 80's movie icon. Click Picture to Enlarge

Peter is an 80’s movie icon.

To enter the contest, all you have to do is:
Guess the correct movie title and put your answer as a comment on our Facebook page, or tag us on Twitter (@ironhorsebeer), or leave your answer here. Share the picture often if you care to let the world know what #mustachepete is really like.

We’ll select a random winner among correct guesses on Monday the 21st.

Next week, all three interns will be in the picture.

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