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Iron Horse Beer Has a Secret Menu

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Iron Horse Beer Has a Secret Menu


*Originally written by Ashley Stevens who quit

Nine different styles of ales are produced out of our production facility; Irish Death, High Five Hefe, 509 style, Light Rail, Iron Horse IPA, Biere de Garde, Double Rainbow, Mocha Death and Cozy Sweater. The hardest decision for most customers is what beer should they drink when they visit the Micro pub or Tasting room. I sympathize with the people that take a while to decide, frankly it’s difficult to pick one beer out of six that are on tap because all are equally delicious.

The newest trend some of the regulars are all jumping in on is creating their own special flavor. We, as servers, don’t look down on this behavior but I can’t speak for the head brewer. Mixing two, three, or all of the beers could be a hit or miss but at iron horse brewery it’s a hit. Some of the popular combinations, which we are calling the secret menu are the Regan Rainbow (half Light Rail and half Double Rainbow), 3rd Rail (1/3 Light Rail and 2/3 Irish Death), Ol’ Mayor (Half 509 and half IPA), L-RIPA (Half Light Rail and half IPA), and finally the Death-yard (our play on a graveyard of beer, MIX THEM ALL!)

So, if you love iron horse beer, like you should, live on the edge and mix your favorite styles that we make and come up with a cool name. If we don’t like the name we won’t use it, but instead steal your mixture and claim we came up with it.

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