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Iron Horse Coffee Company: It’s a thing

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Iron Horse Coffee Company: It’s a thing


*Originally written by Alison Duff who quit


Last November Greg called me into his office for a meeting with Suzanne. I usually hang out upstairs at my broken and over crowded table, so to be in the bosses office was a little intimidating. He revealed to us that, feeling nostalgic for his pre- brewery days, he had acquired (by mostly legal means) the empty coffee shack that sits in front of the brewery on Vantage Hwy. Greg had heard that I had some barista experience under my belt (seven years to be exact) and asked if I would be interested in helping start-up Iron Horse Coffee Company. Would I ever!

Suzanne, who is lovely and generous, took the lead on this project and started brainstorming, organizing, interviewing, pricing etc. Jared hit the Mac. Really slammed into that F*$%er. Face first. Jared loves coffee. We still don’t know why that was his reaction, but we’re going with it.  And I created training material. Ka. Poo. Ya.

Fast forward to now and well, the time is…now!  Iron Horse Coffee Company opens for business at 6am on Monday Feb. 10th. Thats three-ish days from now people. IHCC will keep it simple. We intend to keep the amount of syrup restrained in each beverage to ensure enjoyment of the actual coffee. If you want more syrup, I guess that’s ok. or its not. Or its not, not ok. Probably that one.

The menu is simple: milk based drinks, drip coffee and americanos. The milk based drinks are up for you to create.  You can get a mocha, plain latte, vanilla steamer, or something we may never have heard of. It’s up to you. To further simplify your life, we will only be offering five flavors: vanilla, hazelnut, and caramel syrups, and white and dark chocolate sauces. Simple, accomplished.

Oh, here’s the best part: Monday -Thursday you can pay whatever the hell you want. But just this next week. Greedy humans. So we’ll see you Monday, bright and early, with your penny in hand because when you can’t drink beer, there’s coffee.

Iron Horse Coffee Company


M-F 6am-12pm

Sat-Sun 7am-12pm


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Iron Horse Brewery unveils new coffee venture | thefoodbeatgirl
April 22, 2014 12:59 pm

[…] Iron Horse Coffee Company focuses on factors such as extraction and using bottomless portafilters to give each coffee beverage the perfect shot. Additionally, Iron Horse Coffee Company focuses on the simplicity of a coffee drink. “If you want a girl scout samoa cookie flavored latte, you will have to go somewhere else. When coffee is this delicious, you won’t need all those extra flavors, I promise,” said Vargas. […]

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