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It’s Craft Beer Craft Time, with Gobs of Pictures

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It’s Craft Beer Craft Time, with Gobs of Pictures


Hey Everybody! It’s Craft Beer Craft Time!

So as you may have noticed from my last blog, I enjoy making things. It’s fun to be able to present someone with a handmade tangled pile of fabric and thread. Today, I want to share an easy and fun way to class up the joint by making your own coasters! Nothing says, “I drink my beer with my pinky-finger out” like the absence of rings on your coffee table. Also, enjoy the exclamation points, I LOVE THEM!!! Also also, please forgive me, for my lack of puns. It would be unseamly to have such jokes in my refined blog. *ba-dum ching*

Supplies needed (per coaster)

2 squares of fabric (5inches x 5inches)
1 square of batting/felt (4.25in X 4.25in)
Coordinating Thread & needle (or a sewing machine)
Sewing pins
Scissors (and/or Rotary Blade)
Cutting Mat (if using rotary blade)
*A glass of your favorite beverage

***PLEASE DON’T DRINK AND CUT THINGS OR USE ANY SHARP OBJECTS! FOR YOUR HEALTH! And parents, please do the dangerous things for the kids, no one wants a blood-stained tangle of fabric!***

1. Cut your fabric
2. Cut your batting
3. Place squares of fabric right sides together (printed sides towards each other)
4. Center batting on top of fabric squares, pin into place
5. Sew sandwich together, by placing the needle 1/8th of an inch inside the batting square, and sew as close to the edge as you feel comfortable, at all times sewing the batting to fabric. Leave about 2 inches of batting/fabric sandwich un-sewn (see where my finger points? Leave that blank.)
6. Trim corners off of fabric. Remove pins.
7. Flip the sewn piece right sides out. It will leave a small opening with the fabric already turned in. Use a capped pen or chopstick to poke corners out, so that all edges are smooth and fully turned.
8. Sew around perimeter of square, as close to the edge as possible, at all times sewing all fabric together. (This will also close the opening!)
9. Attach the top to the bottom more securely by quilting a design into your coaster. An “X” from corner to corner, a bunch of parallel lines, an ode to your favorite author, the world is yours! All you Vonnegut fans may recognize what I chose!
10. Place the glass of your favorite beverage on your coaster.
11. Enjoy the view as you utilize your new fancy piece of home décor, and #gohighfiveyourself , you accomplished something new!

Ps. We are now on Pinterest!!! @IronHorseBrew will have everything your inventive self desires, and so much more. And here’s a picture of a dish rag I am crocheting! Teaching myself to crochet has been fun!


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