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I’ve Made a Huge Mistake

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I’ve Made a Huge Mistake


It was a nice sunday afternoon, mid 80s, and we had just gotten back from a failed family hike, which they usually are. I picked a trail that was about 15% grade, no real destination and little shade.  Grousing from a 6 and 9 year old is pretty much mandatory at that point.

Since it was a Sunday, I was half-committed to my half-commitment of not drinking beer on sunday unless there were extenuating circumstances. so I grabbed a glass, added ice, water and a sparkling blackberry pomegranate spritzer thing. It was delicious. I massaged the chain on my mountain bike for 10 minutes or so, re-torqued my stem bolts, removed the axle from my pedal, just to see what was inside and alas, no more refreshing beverage.  What happened next was purely accidental. I swear, I thought my glass was clear-ish.

Let me go back a little.

My sister has been reading. I forget who, but the writer suggests avoiding all extreme philosophical positions. This is a very logical suggestion. The main problem with it is, then I have no idea what I will be adopting next. I love to rail against things, for example; nostalgia. What a pointless waste of time. enter sarcasm; ‘hi, I’m living in the past. all the good times have already been had so I am going to stop doing anything awesome’.  smart. Only, now I am like a photojournalist of my kids life.  know why? because whatever I rail against is tomorrow’s adopted and favored behavior.

Case in point.

Vancouver,  Washington.  It’s May or some other month. Dive bar. Meeting with owner of said dive bar.  He orders a glass full of ice and a light american lager.  Yup, then he pours that “beer” over the ice.  I have seen it all now. So I decide to ask him. Why would you do that?  he replies something like  ‘I can drink more and it’s refreshing/hydrating’ which is basically a variation on the only argument one can even pose in the craft vs. domestic question; because i can drink domestic all day long.  What a stupid question I have asked?

Back to Sunday…

Ice in the glass, trying to keep alcohol consumption to a minimum.  Inner dialog “what kind of an asshole puts beer over ice? haha! i will, because it’s ironic. haha. (awkward laughter [awkward because i am uncomfortable and alone and laughing aloud])” Beer to the lips.  What’s this, aroma of raspberry?  Stop. Don’t stop. You’re an idiot.  You should try it. Why would you try it?

I tried it.

Natalia swore me to secrecy on the events that followed. Perhaps I can convince her to permit me to share later.

I will keep you posted.

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