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Jack of All Ales

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Jack of All Ales


Being a person in the 21st century is tricky. One dimensional personas are a thing of the past. You aren’t just the “nice girl,” you’re the soft spoken lady who owns a cupcake shop until Friday rolls around, the Harley comes out of the garage and you own the roads.

You’re not just the “outdoorsy guy,” you’re the guy who spends his weekends in a Patagonia jacket exploring a local mountain range but live in a power suit making deals with corporate executives during the week.

You aren’t “just a mom.” You’re a woman who wrangles three kids while at the same time runs a small business out of your home.

You’re a human that does it all. You dress up, you dress down. You entertain, you adventure. You work hard, you play hard and no one can put you in a box. You’re a man with no definition, you’re a woman who can do both. Kinda like Mila Kunis.

In this fast paced, ever-changing world you have to be flexible and adapt to the situation at hand. You need a beer that can do the same.

Is there a beer that can do both? One that makes beer nerds happy but isn’t intimidating to new craft drinkers? Something you can entertain the in-laws with but also take out on the boat. Beer runs are great until you have to bring back five different styles to satisfy everyone. We think there may be a solution and it’s called Jack of All Ales.

A beer to please all is a near impossible task, but that didn’t stop us from trying. Newbies to craft beer need something approachable. Seasoned drinkers need something interesting. Some like some kick, some like it sweet, some like it smooth. Jack of All Ales is our attempt to check all of those boxes.
It’s a German wheat ale but with a little more heft than your run-of-the-mill hefeweizen. It’s brewed in the style of a light weizenbock, a style that has only been around since the early 1900’s. Essens Wheat yeast, cherry smoked malts and a smidgen of Brewer’s Gold hops, all combine for a deep plum characteristic with light clove sweetness. It’s a clean flavor with sweet-tart balance. We recommend pairing with smokey BBQ, chicken and dumplings or pretty much any dessert.

We also recommend doing whatever the fu*% you want. Just generally speaking.

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