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Less Rant, More Rave. Plus, More Rant.

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Less Rant, More Rave. Plus, More Rant.


Alright, it has come to my attention that I may have come off a bit harsh in my last rant so I must put in a disclaimer. While my rants are based on truthful opinion, I am overly dramatic in my words for entertainment purposes. I do not really care that much about a person’s choice of glassware in which they choose to consume the wonderful beverage that is beer. In fact, there is not a whole lot that pertains to beer that I don’t at least appreciate, if not love, except for a certain large brewery owner’s ego (Pretend Prize to whoever can guess right and no it is not Greg. Think bigger. There may be two correct answers). So to temper my reputation as a grumpy, self-righteous tyrant, I am going to write about things I love in this industry (I may throw a couple of rants in because I can’t help it).

Bringing people together

If there is one thing beer does well, unless you are one of those angry drinkers, in which case you should probably abstain, is bringing people together. I just got back from a conference where a whole bunch of people from competing breweries got together, had a good time, and shared information that has led to their success. Not many industries are more concerned with the industry as a whole being better. The thing many of us have come to realize is that what is good for everyone is good for the individual or as Greg has put it, obsess over the consumer not over the competition.

On the consumer side, unless you drink in excess, beer can be the diplomat (You don’t bump in to somebody at a crowded bar and say “sorry, let me buy you a Sauvignon Blanc”). It can also be the equalizer that brings us together. This is part of why I rail against elevating craft beer to an elitist standard. Quaffing beer in tulip glasses and describing it like you are writing a poem does nothing for you personally and for the industry as a whole. My take on it is, if you like it, tell people you like it and drink more of it. It’s that simple.

Also, my cousin made this “special” glass, just for me after he read my last post.

Custom glass.

So, good things come to those who rant!

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