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Life Behind Bars Beginnings

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Life Behind Bars Beginnings


This one goes out to Aric Duncan, wherever you are, New Zealand being the last place that I heard.

A few years ago he and I were in the mountains, driving around, riding mountain bikes and well, that’s about it and that’s also enough. During the drive, we were having some real light conversation, like men typically do. There was no discussion of feelings, philosophy, current events. The conversations almost always revolve around bikes, trails, beer, bike industry, crashing and other cool shit like jet-skis, mountains, trails, bikes and as you can see a bit circular. Enter life behind bars. Aric says, “my buddy has a shirt that has a pair of mountain bike handlebars on it, and it says life behind bars.”

Me. “Rad bro. I mean, like, really rad. Not only is it about mountain biking but it also has a second meaning. Wow.” if you imagine my voice sounding like Keanu Reeves during this exchange, I understand.

Now, you are probably thinking “cool story bro.” I don’t blame you.

As you will notice on the label, it is not a set of mountain bike handlebars, they are motorcycle bars. Why? We felt that motorcycle handlebars did a better job of conveying the mindset of life behind bars. If you have or do ride motorcycles, mountain bikes, road bikes, jet skis, razor scooter, segue human transporters, skis, snowboards, wakeboards, surfing you probably get it. Freedom. Less stuff, less distractions, less visual impediments, responsiveness, total focus, flow, all the world in one moment.  Can our beer provide that? No. Can it remind you of it and hopefully prompt you to go find it?


P.S. click here to find it.

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