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Losing Sucks but…Winning is Better.

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Losing Sucks but…Winning is Better.


*Originally written by Regan Rinker who quit

I have always been  pretty naturally competitive, even as a child. By competitive, I mean including but not limited to the following personality tendencies: feeling upset when losing at lawn games, ping pong or any table sports, simple chance games, or going backwards in any direction, in any area of my life, including work, personal life and exercise goals.

 I am often described by others as serious in certain situations, and even intense. This doesn’t mean that I never lose, or when I lose I cry in my room, it just means that my personality type, prefers winning naturally, or at least I have the natural tendency and strong drive to want to succeed. Slowly, over time, this has curbed and changed with my help. Now, I am okay with losing, as long as I learned something from the loss and I know I did everything I could. I realized slowly, that even if I didn’t score the highest, I kind of still won, because I was paying attention to more than just my score, as I focused on my growth and my experience.

One definition of “competitive” is “having a strong desire or will to compete and succeed.” As I have grown in my job and personal areas of my life, this will or desire hasn’t faded, but the contentedness with knowing I tried my best offsets any mal-content I used to feel with not winning or scoring high up on any given activity.

Why am I telling you, beer lovers and fans of Iron Horse Brewery?  Being a full time employee given the responsibility to sell as much beer as I can through Eastern Washington, Bellingham, and Idaho, I wanted you to know that I take this quest very seriously and have a strong desire to continue to grow the brewery and get our beer into the hands of the people. I have learned that multiple no’s a day won’t slow me down, that I just take that as even more incentive to go back in there with a different approach, realizing that one “no”, doesn’t mean I lost, it means try harder, or try a different angle. Sometimes people don’t know what they want until you tell them, over and over.

Also, because of all of you, we win everyday. You are the smart, loyal, craft beer drinkers that see the winningness in all of our beers. Not sure if I made that word up or not, but it seems to work here. In a world full of millions of flavors, doorways and obstacles, there is never one right answer, and in our own way, we are all winners.

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