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Mailing it In.

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Mailing it In.


My wife and I had some personal tragedy in the family so I’m using it as my excuse as to why I didn’t have a long post for today. After reading over my last few entries, I think you can consider yourself lucky. For the 2.3 people that were visiting our site for something thought provoking (what idiots!) I will leave you with this article. Its not really thought provoking, but it is awesome, because it gives more credence to my belief that craft beer is an irresistible force that cannot be stopped. Also, what the f*%k is up Vermont and North Dakota?! Please get your shit together now!


PS. SPORTS REFERENCE ALERT! Did anyone watching the NBA finals last night wonder how much further back Lebron can wear his already insanely wide headband on his head? Its okay Lebron, you’re the best basketball player on earth and we are very accepting of male pattern baldness. Congratulations on your second title.

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