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Make A Ruckus Or Win One

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Make A Ruckus Or Win One


Head Outside and Make a Ruckus This Summer with Life Behind Bars
Now available in 12 oz. six-packs

Summer is here so Head Outside and Make a Ruckus with Life Behind Bars, a beer made for dirt in your face and wind in your hair, now available in 12 oz cans. To celebrate this new form of beer delivery to your mouth Iron Horse Brewery will be giving away a Honda Ruckus to one lucky person who does not yet know how much wind will be in his or her hair.

This 5% ABV retro-style beer is an ode to simpler times. Life Behind Bars has notes of crackers and dough with a subtle pinch of spicy and fruity hops. With a light body, effervescent feel and clean finish, this is the beer you want to session after putting in some hard miles behind whatever bars you’re into. Grab those handlebars and go.

“Life Behind Bars was launched last year to celebrate the feeling you get when you ride motorcycles, mountain bikes, road bikes, jet skis, razor scooters and segway human transporters,” said Greg Parker, owner and general manager. “It’s freedom. Less stuff, less distractions, less visual impediments, responsiveness, total focus, flow, all the world in one moment. Can our beer provide that? No. Can it remind you of it and hopefully prompt you to go find it?”

“If life is a highway what’s your preferred method of transportation?” asked Ross Chalstrom, interloper of press release quotes. “Similarly, what’s your preferred beer transportation method when you’re on the go? Bottles are nice, but heavy to carry around on your behind bars adventures. Cans are great because when you’re done you can smash them flat and use them in place of a frisbee on the frolf course,” Chalstrom added.

Contest and Availability

Life Behind Bars is available in the WA, OR, ID and MT markets in cans, bottles and draft. The release has been in the works for several months with placement secured at several of the major chain grocery retailers as well as independent grocers and beer retailers. Consumers hoping to get their hands on the six-packs can use Iron Horse Brewery’s Beer Finder for exact locations.

Part of the can launch includes giving away a Honda Ruckus because making someone squeal with joy after a period of disbelief that they finally won something after 20ish years of not winning the lottery is quite entertaining. There are multiple ways to enter on social media. This slick scooter has a unique design with wide tires, a bare-bones frame and double headlamps so you can really see that cat crossing the street ahead of you. Underneath it all is a thrifty 49cc engine and a v-matic automatic transition that get you where you need to go. The top speed is just under 30 mph which means you don’t need a motorcycle license or insurance to operate it in WA state although it’s never a bad idea for either of those. Learn about all the ways to enter here. The promotion officially starts on June 10th and runs through August 4th. Official rules available here.

Beer Nerd Details
Name: Life Behind Bars
Style: A kolsch-y crisp ale
ABV: 5.0%
IBU: 8
Package: 12oz cans, 22 oz bottles, draft
Other: Best paired with free spirits, tire tracks and trail mix.

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