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Masks for Beer

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Masks for Beer

Rikki sporting her handmade mask. Also pictured, Paul and Cheetos.

Hey Y’all!

As you may be aware from my various personal social media posts and blog posts here at IHB, I really enjoy sewing, beer, and finding ways to combine the two. I also really enjoy public safety, having any excuse to accessorize, and a beer culture that is inclusive to all walks of life. 

Beginning on the 1st of August, I have started supplying our Pub with masks for sale (homemade and hand-dyed! Craft Masks for Craft Beer) with all proceeds from those sales ($5 a mask, but you are welcome to donate more!) to go to the Michael Jackson Foundation for Brewing and Distilling ( No, not that Michael Jackon, the Beer and Whiskey One! 

The foundation is “a grant-making organization that funds scholarship awards to Black, Indigenous, and People of Color within the brewing and distilling trades. The program is open to candidates at the beginning of their careers, as well as those looking to continue their education. The MJF awards present an opportunity for members and patrons of the brewing and distilling industries to directly fund a more just, equitable, and dynamic future.” (from their website).

The sizes available are- 

  • Full Pint- (8×8 in, good for general purpose gifting, and fits most adults. All the masks I have made for coworkers have been this size).
  • Crowler- (9×9 in, made for larger adult heads, ample enough for some beard coverage)
  • Schooner- (7×7 in, good for slightly smaller adult heads)
  • Soda- (6x6in, for the kiddos in your life)
  • Sippy Cup- (5×5 in, for the younger kiddos in your life).

The masks feature upper and lower ties (save those ears!), are machine washable and dryable, but please don’t iron them. The straps will melt (polyester will do that I suppose). The mask portion itself is 100% cotton (did I mention hand-dyed?), made by me in a home with two cats and a helpful husband. They say Hi! If you have a request for a color scheme, let us know, I’ll see what I can do.

Wash your hands and be excellent to each other! 

Rikki Welz

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