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More Bottles of Beer on the Wall

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More Bottles of Beer on the Wall


2015 is proving to be a ridiculous year for Iron Horse Brewery. Not only are we releasing a second six-pack can called Finger Gun, we are also introducing a second seasonal bottle only track offering to the marketplace. We are calling this the Fresh-To-Death series, because 1) it is a hip phrase used by millennials 2)it has an entry in urban dictionary and 3) it most accurately reflects the beer in the bottle – freshly made, delicious and inexplicably good.

Here’s the planned release schedule.
April, May, June = GARY, Imperial IPA. Yes, GARY wants to be back in your mouth.
July, August, September = we’re still deciding.
October, November, December = Cozy Sweater – you bet your sweet arse it’s coming back to bottles.

You can read the press release here or you can kick your computer/phone and have conversations with real people. We suggest both.


Iron Horse Brewery Presents: The Fresh-To-Death Bottle Only Series
A seasonal series starting with GARY, an Imperial IPA.

ELLENSBURG, WA (March 25th, 2015) Iron Horse Brewery is introducing a brand-spankin’-new bottle only beer series entitled Fresh-To-Death. They are kicking-off the series with GARY, an Imperial IPA of insurmountable hoppiness. Gary is a busy man, but he will make his face available to you from April until June, and then he will be away on some exotic vacation. Gary in a bottle is much like prince albert in a can, except in beer form, and much better. “Gary feels really good on your lips and in your mouth, you should definitely experience this at least once in your life, or more, because it’s good. So why would you limit yourself?” said Greg Parker, Owner and GM of Iron Horse Brewery. “Gary made the cut for the Fresh-To-Death track because this beer defines what it means to be ‘fresh-to-death’ which is a term that describes something ‘that is so good it is unexplainable’, according to UrbanDictionary, which is why it is impossible to explain how good it is, obviously.” commented Parker.

Release and Availability
As the first in the Fresh-To-Death series, Iron Horse Brewery will release Gary Imperial IPA exclusively in 22oz glass bottles sometime around the first week of April and it will be available until June. The beer will be released in select markets around Washington state.
Following GARY, will be either a Fresh Hop Red or an Imperial Amber or maybe none of those. Quarter 4, however will bring back Cozy Sweater, Iron Horse Brewery’s vanilla milk stout, which had limited production in 2014.

Hoppy and you know it
Gary Imperial IPA is sure to be a charmer, the hops provide a citrus flavor with pine and grapefruit swagger. It brags a clean malt profile with a honey and grassy flavor which balances the bitterness. “This beer is warm and fuzzy just like Gary; this beer also delivers a strong aroma and a good punch–just like Gary,” said Tyson Read, Head Brewer of Iron Horse Brewery. “This is true, my nose and taste buds confirmed it,” quipped Ross Chalstrom, Interloper of Press Release Quotes.

Beer Nerd Details
Name: Gary
Style: Imperial IPA
ABV: 7.999%
IBU: Theoretical 120
Hops: Simcoe, Centennial and Chinook
Package: 22 oz Bottles
Other: Bitterness balanced by Malts, full bodied, just like Gary.

The release has been in the works for at least 9 days with placement secured at several of the major chain grocery retailers as well as independent grocers and beer retailers. Consumers hoping to get their hands on the 22oz Bottles, can use Iron Horse Brewery’s Beer finder for exact locations. The Beer Finder can be found here:

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Light Rail in a bottle would be legit.

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