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Mug Club Signups Are Open

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Mug Club Signups Are Open


It happens every year. Someone forgets to sign up for mug club and is then super bummed out when all of their friends have new mugs and they have to use a regular old pint glass. We get it. Remembering to check in with us in March is random, so we’re trying to be proactive here by reminding you it’s that time of the year.

No repeats of all those other times when you missed the mug club signup deadline. Head down to [ the pub ] at 412 N. Main Street and guarantee you will get those extra ounces of beer by joining the mug club.

Mug Club signups are open now through March 31st. You have a whole month to secure a place in the super exclusive mug club program at Iron Horse Brewery.

What are the benefits? Of course the custom engraved mug with the name of your choice on it and a storage spot at [ the pub ] so it’s there every time you come down. If you’re stumped for a name, we recommend using The Hobbit Name Generator which will probably give you a name like Dimple Proudfoot or Togo Danderfluff.

$5 mug fills (20 oz) of anything we have on tap at [ the pub ], which includes casks, imperial ales and special releases.

A little illumination for y’all. The mug club mug is 20 oz, which is 4 ounces more than our pints, priced at $5. If you get 20 mugs a month, that is 5 free pints of beer and 60 free pints annually. Because math.

You also get an IHB mug club t-shirt, discounts of 10% on swag and glassware, a discount of $2 off pint and growler cards and discounts on keg and case prices for personal use.

Like hanging out with us at our events? You get 2 discounted entries into all our brewery parties or special events open to the public and your mug will be filled for the posted pint price. (free entry doesn’t include swag associated with cover charge).

Finally we will throw you all an exclusive super awesome party 1x a year where we will feed you dinner, pour you drinks and have activities for you to partake in throughout the night.

The cost of an individual membership is $100 per year. Are you signing up as a couple? Are you a student? The cost is $75 each per year for the same benefits.

The official fine print stuff we have to say anytime we list the membership deal because rules are rules:
  • Money, once paid is non-refundable.
  • Mugs and benefits cannot be shared.
  • Mugs kept on site will be replaced if broken or damaged unless it is a negligent doing on your part.
Limit 4 mugs in a single day. This is for your safety and to keep the liquor control board happy.


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