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New Cousins Part 1

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New Cousins Part 1


Catch up with the family.

Brad Swanson

Position at IHB: Server 

Least favorite style of beer: Nitro Beers

Bottles, cans or draft: Draft

Favorite past-time: Mountain biking and rock climbing

Who do you look like: Leonardo DiCaprio, with less hair and more beard 

Least favorite superhero: Batman, Christian Bale not Ben Affleck

Favorite Samuel L Jackson movie: Pulp Fiction 

Worst job you ever had: Greenhouse Nursery Stock Boy

Favorite Iron Horse Beer: Hazy IPA

Brad climbs the North Six Shooter desert tower in Bears Ears National Monument, Utah.

Lonna Griffin

Position at IHB: Packaging Technician

Least favorite style of beer: Lambic

Bottles, cans or draft: Draft!

Favorite past-time: Juggling baby llamas while hula hooping rings of fire. duh. 

Who do you look like: Sir Paul McCartney in drag

Least favorite superhero: Captain America….wait can I say that? Whatever, it’s true. 

Favorite Samuel L Jackson movie: Black Snake Moan

Worst job you ever had: Well, the job was fine, but playing with poop as a microbiologist was kind of gross. 

Favorite Iron Horse Beer: Cand Hannon. Cands down.

We have more new cousins getting onboarded probably like right this minute so check back in a couple of weeks to meet them.

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