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New Pilot Batch

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New Pilot Batch


Brew Lab Batch #5684

A Strong Amber

Our pilot program has new energy behind it, kind of like when you’re out on the town and you start to get tired but then your favorite song comes on the speakers and you get a second wind and you’re ready to keep the party going because this isn’t Bomont and you will dance.

Our brewers are working hard to regularly create new limited batch beers to entertain your tastebuds, and the newest brew lab release is batch #5684, a strong amber.

This amber has an estimated  7% ABV and 45 IBU. The recipe has rich malt flavors without being too heavy, and you’ll notice a bit of sweetness counterbalanced by the bitterness. You may notice earthy, woodsy, floral, and grapefruit flavors along with a touch of spice.

The pilot batch has hit the taps at [ the pub ] and will be on while supplies last. We want to know what you think about the beer. Share your thoughts by checking in on untappd or filling out our feedback form at [ the pub ].


Bonus notes from brewer Wes Cutlip in case you like to nerd out with this kind of stuff:

Appearance: Med+ Amber (aka just a shade darker than middle-of-the-road amber, off-white head with long retention, moderately clear.

Aroma: Light caramel, light toast, orange, orange zest, background notes of pine and ash wood (think lighter woods) as well as fresh herbs (thyme, basil), floral aspect emerges as beer warms.

Palate: Medium-low sweetness, medium- bitterness, orange peel, floral, rich and slightly damp earth, medium caramel, light honey, hints of raisin and dried fig, hint of candied peach, light spice, slight alcohol presence that is well-integrated

Mouthfeel/body: medium- body, medium carbonation, smooth, silly towards velvety texture, alcohol enhances rounded quality of mouthfeel.

Finish: long, medium-low intensity eventually dropping to low+ intensity, earth, spice, toast, low sweetness, medium bitterness.

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