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This one trick works better than Atkins. Discover how with this click bait title.

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This one trick works better than Atkins. Discover how with this click bait title.


*Originally written by Sarah Clark who quit

New Year’s Resolutions are good, unless they are stupid. The good ones are the ones that make you feel better about yourself.
So before you jump on board with the latest diet trends consider what makes you feel good.
I know what makes me feel good: success, winning and puppies.

I think most people are really hoping for success more than anything when it comes to New Years Resolutions; which is why making a resolution to increase success is a much more practical plan.

So, why torture yourself with cutting calories? Instead resolve to increase your success thus increasing your happiness. For example, resolve to do more of the things you already do. Make a resolution to play more games, tell more jokes and drink more beer. Or, make a resolution to try every beer on tap at your favorite bar, and then successfully call a taxi, because it is not fun losing after a night of winning. Even better, have you every thought of buying a keg throwing a party and then enjoying all of the beer and bean dip to yourself because all of your friends are on diets?

If this sounds like you, you have chosen wisely.

While drinking an extreme amount of beer can have negative effects such as poor decisions, large hospital bills and death, there are many benefits to drinking a fair to moderate amount of beer that you may not know about.

For example, here is an interesting fact from the webM.D.

“beer in moderation increases good cholesterol”

Another statistic shows us that not only is beer good for you but you are good for beer.

Screen Shot 2015-01-08 at 1.33.18 PM

Proper interpretation of graph:
You will note that while on New Years Eve the sale of craft beer dramatically increased, in the days following beer sales dramatically fall, and then steadily climb again. This statistic clearly points to one specific and annoying issue and that is poorly made New Years resolutions. The graph also indicates that people gradually give up on these resolution as beer sales steadily increase again in the months following.

If you are still unconvinced, consider the following:

George Washington loved beer. Moral of the story: not drinking beer is un-American.
Beer is delicious. Moral: Not drinking beer is un-delicious.
Beer helps tone down spicy foods. Moral: get empanadas, then get beer.
A 12oz poor of beer has about a gram of soluble fiber. Moral: fiber good, beer good. Also, more fiber = quality time, not quantity time in the bathroom.

So for the love of beer, drop your diet resolutions, focus on success, perhaps, one beer at a time.

Sarah, the trivia host and other shenanigans

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