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*Originally written by Robyn Stewart who quit

Hi. I’m Robyn. Usually that’s enough said due to the fact that I have what you call “personality.” However, the slave drivers here at Iron Horse are forcing me to divulge into useless information about myself that you don’t want or need. But maybe you do. That’s weird.
I’m the #1 intern here at IHB. Maybe I gave myself that title, maybe I didn’t. No one will ever know for sure. I’m forced to drink beer and model merchandise all day. It’s rough. When I’m not slumming it at the office, I slave away at the IHB coffee stand. I know what you’re thinking, “she must really like it Iron Horse!” I do.
I don’t have any cool talents to brag about. I also don’t have any facial hair that I can exploit for your entertainment. Ahem, Peter, cough. I do, however, have some fun facts for you. Because who doesn’t love fun facts?
Fun fact #1: I remember my first beer. It was a Near Beer with the label peeled off. I was 21 of course. Maybe I thought I was drunk and maybe I didn’t. That’s embarrassing. Hidden lesson, don’t trust your best friend when she gives you a label-less anything.
Fun fact #2: Remember when you were thinking about how much I must love Iron Horse? I spent some time doing what can only be described as stalking to get this internship. That’s right. I’ll admit it. Need some private investigating? I’m probably your guy. Too bad for you I don’t currently do freelance work.
Fun fact #3: I can twist my hand all the way around. Truth. Maybe I’ll post a video to prove it. Bribes are encouraged. Does this count as a cool talent to brag about?
I don’t really have much else to say except I like long walks on the beach, sunsets, and white ponies. Gross.
Stay tuned for Battle of the Interns. IHB’s first official soap opera. That’s right. We have our hands in everything. You’re welcome.

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