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Our Take On Craft Plus Corporate Collaboration Beers

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Our Take On Craft Plus Corporate Collaboration Beers



If you have had the opportunity to try the IPA-Nut beer that was a collaboration between Planters and Noon Whistle Brewing from Lombard, IL then you’ll have to tell us how it tasted because we haven’t gotten to try it.

Planters is not the first corporate company to partner up with an independent brewery and probably won’t be the last. We talked about this recently on the Life Behind Beer podcast, but we decided to ask some other cousins for their thoughts on partnering with corporate companies.

To read the full article about the new collab beer click here.


What are your thoughts on this partnership and breweries partnering up with corporate companies like Planters?

“I think it’s great. Getting a beer and your brewery recognized is hard enough why not use an avenue that you still have creative control over to make something awesome that people will hear about.” — Jake Fleming, Brewhouse Manager

“This one seems kind of dumb but hey, if it works, go for it, we’ve done lots of dumb things in the name of marketing and selling beer.” — Greg Parker, Owner & GM

“I think it’s a testament to the role beer plays in people’s lives. Brands are acknowledging that they need to do something differently to connect with consumers and they are turning to craft beer to do it. If the breweries in these partnerships still have ultimate control over the final product they are producing I think they should evaluate it case by case and partner up if it makes sense for their business.” — Nicole Klauss, Content Coordinator


What corporate collaboration would you like to see happen with Iron Horse?

“Sriracha… Just kidding probably something with Gardetto’s because it’s delicious and hopefully with the deal the brewery would be supplied for life.” — Jake

“I would mostly want to align with brands that are NW based. I love Filson Clothing although I only have one of their garments so maybe that’s why I want to partner, potential discount. Mervin Manufacturing is pretty badass and not coincidentally I do need a new snowboard. Kitsbow makes a flannel that I would like to get my hands on too, come to think of it. However, for the sake of the business, it would be best for us to partner with a company that adds value for Iron Horse fans and I think based on our understanding of who are fans are we might take a different direction from my preferences.” — Greg

“Sriracha beer would be amazing purely for the flavor alone. Maybe Reese’s because then you could have the peanut butter Irish Death people keep asking us to make. Also I’d love to partner with WFTDA (Women’s Flat Track Derby Association) because you could make a really cool beer that would connect with a specific audience, and we need more roller derby beers. Realistically, Greg is right in that we’d need to partner with a business that is representative of who we are and what our fans want, but a girl can dream.” — Nicole


Are collaborations like these bad for the indie beer business?

“I think they are a great avenue for indie beer as when you team up with a corporation they have a lot more avenues for advertising, which helps broaden the customer base.” — Jake

“I‘m not sure I like the message that it sends to partner with a mega-conglomerate, right in the article it refers to Kraft-Heinz and the 5th largest food company in the world. It would seem to further blur the lines about what an independent craft brewery is and what the values we proclaim to hold are. Although it probably won’t matter in 3 years anyway, the whole market is a kaleidoscope right now.” — Greg

“I think if it adds value to both businesses involved and to the consumer then it’s cool to explore. Don’t compromise your company values though just to share a brand name.” — Nicole


What do you think about corporations partnering with indie beer companies to create specialty beers? What companies would you like to see Iron Horse Brewery partner with?



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Rachel Greshock
November 2, 2018 2:31 pm

You guys do a great job collaborating with businesses in Ellensburg – I am waiting for your spin on an apple cider with an orchard somewhere in eastern wa or even like a peach/pear hefe? But for reals – what about partnering with a cheese producer and branding your own cheese sauce? I’ve had it at the pub and it’s delish – cougar gold say whatttttttt. Also, PLEASE bring back 22s of loco red so I can stock up!!! Even for like a throwback february or something. (Feb = valentines day = red colors = loco red) Thanks for being so awesome, you’re welcome for my thoughts 😉

November 2, 2018 2:44 pm

Great ideas! We did partner up with a cheesemaker, Blain Hages of Zauhars Cheese (, who created some cheeses using our beers. You can pick them up at [ the pub ]. Maybe our own cheese sauce is the next step. The future doesn’t look as bright for loco red, but never say never.

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