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Our Take On Electrolyte Beers

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Our Take On Electrolyte Beers


Recovery Beers?

After a long workout is a beer the first thing you reach for? It might be once you learn that some breweries are now making beers with electrolytes. A recent article is suggesting electrolyte beers might be the new recovery drink.

We asked our cousins for their thoughts on the growing industry trend. Check out the full article here.


What are your thoughts on the article?

I’m in!

I hadn’t heard of it but at one time we had an idea floating around the brewery to put protein in a beer and call it BROTEIN! I now have another idea for a beer but I can’t share it here so no one takes it. Thanks for the inspiration.

I’m in, I want them and I want them all. — Greg Parker, Owner & GM


My thoughts on this articles are a bit skeptical. This “new” type of beer seems to be a stretch to reinvent lower alcohol beers as healthy or beneficial for consumers. Where I agree that beer is healthy for the soul, I don’t believe that it is okay to even slightly market things to consumers as such. Craft beer was, maybe still is, a stand against the ordinary and established boring beers of the big man. If we start lying to our consumers to snag their money are we not just another Michelob Ultra Light. — Morgan Moran, packaging manager


Had you heard of this trend before or is this the first time?
I had not heard of this trend before this article. I have been noticing consumers of craft beer have been leaning to lower alcohol beers. It seems the health trend is becoming more and more prevalent and perhaps breweries need to think about that in the way they make beer. I do not think that we should be marketing “healthy” to our consumers. — Morgan


Have you actually tried an electrolyte beer? Would you want to?
I have not had any of these electrolyte beers. Now that I have heard about them and the idea of a nutrient rich, low abv beer is enticing to me. I would hope that they would taste pretty nice. — Morgan


Would this be hard to brew?
I do not know. Sadly. — Morgan


Would you drink an electrolyte beer after a run or bike ride? Does it make you more or less likely to drink beer after an athletic event?

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October 27, 2018 5:27 am

Wow! This beer is interesting. Drinking beer while working out? Why not, as long as it is healthy and take on moderately. 😀

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