Life Behind Beer – Episode 17

Zero Award-Winning Round-Up

Hosts: Alex, Sabrina, & Wes

Synopsis: We’re talking whether beer awards matter from a marketing and brewing standpoint and we also follow up on some topics such as states brewing density and women in beer

The Beers:

CaliCraft Barrel Project Peach Sour Ale (Walnut Creek, CA)

Lamplighter Brewing So Much For Subtlety Double IPA (Cambridge, MA)

Topic 1:
Do Beer Awards Still Matter? Do they matter to Iron Horse?
October’s take in Beer Awards

Topic 2:
Past Topic Round-Up
Beer and Brewing’s Inforgraphic of Brewery Density by State
Heineken USA hires a new CEO and people are making a big deal that she’s a woman.
Bad Ass Kim Jordan, who was already CEO of New Belgium, a major US brewery.