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Press Release – Iron Horse Brewery To Open 4th Location

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Press Release – Iron Horse Brewery To Open 4th Location


Here is our official press release.
We’ll have a more detailed FAQ of what this all means in the next day or two.


For Immediate Release

Iron Horse Brewery Plans to open their 4th location, then they will close the Tasting Room and Micropub, leaving only 2 locations.

ELLENSBURG, WA (September 5, 2013) Iron Horse Brewery announced today that it plans to close their Tasting Room on Prospect Street and the Micropub on Main Street with the intention of moving into a new, consolidated retail space located next to the Micropub at 412 N Main Street.

“The location became available and we thought ‘Bigger building? More space? Right next door? Ability to consolidate our 2 retail locations and better serve our fans? Why wouldn’t we do this?’” said Owner and General Manager, Greg Parker. “Then, after we thought about all the reasons not to move, we decided to ignore those reasons and proceed anyway.” Parker commented. He added, “By shutting down the Tasting Room, we’ll be able to redirect some of the highway traffic it receives to downtown, which should benefit other businesses nearby. Ultimately, we’ll be doing the same thing as before, just in one location as opposed to two.”

Iron Horse plans to complete the project in two phases. Phase 1, beginning immediately is primarily cosmetic, combining the look and feel of the two existing locations. There are a few required structural changes to the layout which will help better serve beer and their customers.

Phase 2, slated to begin March 2014, is to build out a 400 square foot beer garden, comparable to the one at the Micropub, add roll up doors, and maybe a slip and slide. Although, the slip and slide is probably not practical.

Customer Impact
“Aside from serving great beer, a superior customer experience is our number one priority” said Retail Manager, Suzanne Vargas. “By operating one central location with more square footage, we can better serve our customers – regulars and newcomers alike. We’ll be open 7 days a week, very similar hours as before and it will still be the Iron Horse Brewery experience you know and love; there will just be a little more elbow room to drink your beer.” Vargas added.

Their current plan is to enter the new space the first week of September in order to begin renovations. As the new location approaches readiness, Iron Horse will close down the Tasting Room which will allow them to finish up the space. Then, they will close down the Micropub over a weekend, and open up the following day at the 412 N Main street location; Completion is targeted for mid October; However, the move and consolidation will be based on readiness and not on a set timeline.

To learn more about project, go to their website:

About Iron Horse Brewery
Iron Horse Brewery, centrally located in Ellensburg, WA, has been producing hand crafted ales since 2004. Iron Horse is owned and operated by father-son team Greg and Gary Parker. With 25 employees and a recent expansion, enabling IHB to double its brewing capacity, they are on pace to produce over 10,000 barrels this year. To learn more about the brewery or to simply take a break from Facebook, go to; you’ll probably be sorry you did.

Greg Parker, General Manager

Media Inquiries
Jared Vallejo, Marketing Director


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