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Sh%& it’s Valentine’s Day

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Sh%& it’s Valentine’s Day


*Originally written by Ashley Stevens who quit

It’s February 11th. Then February 12th. Then February 13th. Then February 14th. It dawns on you that you haven’t bought your significant other anything for Valentine’s Day. You panic, you log on to Pinterest, you realize you cannot pull off the ultimate surprise or killer gift with so little time. So there you stand, in the aisle filled with boxes of chocolate, stuffed animals and boxers covered in hearts at your local grocery store- hoping to find something unique that screams “I love you so much, I did not buy this from Safeway.” We have all been down this aisle and experienced the underwhelming thank yous when your lover opens that box to find a stuffed monkey holding a heart. Sweet. Another Valentine’s Day fail for the books.

A card.

A card.

This year be prepared, be thoughtful and be the best damn gift giver your lover has ever seen. BUY BEER. Skip the aisle full of red nonsense and walk down the aisle filled with liquid gold. Nothing says “I love you” more than picking up someone’s favorite six-pack or some new 22’s of beer your partner hasn’t tried yet. This year if you want to grab a gift for your sweetie from [ the pub ] you’ll even receive an official Iron Horse Brewery Valentine’s Day card. What a deal.

Have no idea what flavor you should grab? This is the perfect opportunity to put that special someone in a car and drive them downtown to a local bottle shop full of options for you both to try. Whether it’s in the comfort of your own home or in a cozy corner in a restaurant, sharing a brew with someone you can actually stand to have a conversation with longer than 10 minutes is a great way to spend the holiday. Their “thank you” will be paid back with more than just a hug, we guarantee it. [you’re welcome].

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