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Show Us Our Cans


*Originally written by Tess McIntyre who quit

We’ve spent about 1,000 hours over the past six months obsessing over the release of our Iron Horse six-pack cans of High Five Hefe. Finally after 47 temper tantrums, 21 presentations, and a lot of fanagaling [is this even a word?], last week we canned that -ish up. Woot. Kapow. Kapooya. Neat.

It was a glorious day. The whole brewery smelled like ginger honey nirvana, cans were consumed at the rate of 5 seconds per can, and I tried to spend the night in the canner. I was not allowed to spend the night in the canner.

Two days later those beautiful six packs were packaged up and shipped out. and now we have no idea where our little aluminum children could be. This is like empty nest syndrome. Or something. But unlike your parents, we have all the people of the internet to help us keep an eye on them.

So here is what we need you to do.  See a six pack at the grocery, bottle shop, or liquor store? Take a picture. Post it to our Facebook wall, or Twitter it to us at @ironhorsebeer and let us know where you found it. In return for your services, we will send you a  free High Five Hefe Foam Hand. And you know you really want one, bad. 

also to do more virtual high fiving visit to high five a charity, your friend, or to look at with your eye holes.

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