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Skiing vs Snowboarding

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Skiing vs Snowboarding


*Originally written by Emily Palmer who quit us

Skiing versus Snowboarding- a debate almost as important as Cozy Sweater versus Mocha Death.

Growing up in the eastern part of the PNW meant for long cold snowy winters. As the Idaho and Montana IHB Sales Rep, I live in an area riddled with mountains and ski resorts to help pass the time. I started going to the mountain with my family and friends at the age of 8, and decided that I wanted to snowboard. I wish that I could say that starting at a young age helped me to develop into a mountain savvy, snowboarding queen…but instead I spent 15 years riding my heels down and face planting when I started going too fast. Realizing that I needed to make a change if I was going to survive one more winter I decided I was going to try my luck at skiing. I rented some skis, took a beginner lesson and I have never been happier. In the three winters that I have been skiing I am already 10x better than I ever was on a snowboard. Heading towards a cat track without enough speed? No problem! I can push myself through, on a board you don’t always have that luxury. Someone cuts me off on the hill, piece of cake! I can easily turn left or right and go around them; on a snowboard this would mean either a face plant or taking out that poor unsuspecting victim.

Now back to the question at hand, skiing versus snowboarding. If you were to walk around a resort lodge and ask this question to a group of friends sitting at a table you are likely to get a heated response. People take their winter sports very seriously and they are not afraid to let you know their stance. Since snowboards started showing up on the scene in the early 70’s it has been a battle for the mountain. It has become such a rivalry that there are certain mountains that don’t allow snowboarders at all. For your own reference watch this news clip gold on the topic from 1985.

With the experience I have had with both I would easily say skiing is more fun but I know enough people who have tried both and who all have very different experiences. In the end both sports are fun and they give us a reason to get out of the house and doing something active during those long dark winter months.

Now, the Cozy Sweater versus Mocha Death is a whole other topic and can be discussed @ the PUB on December 2nd!

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