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Sometimes One Beer Turns Into Many, But That’s Okay IF You Are Running to Each Location.

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Sometimes One Beer Turns Into Many, But That’s Okay IF You Are Running to Each Location.


*Originally written by Regan Rinker who quit us

Have you ever had a 4 day hangover? Me neither, until last Friday.

My cousin came into town and we had this grand idea to do a pub run, which consists of running (actually running, in your jogging gear, to every bar). We thought it fitting to start with the First and Last Chance Tavern? Seeing as how they just recently put two Iron horse beers on tap, I couldn’t have been more excited to consume a pint there. After jogging a mile or two – The day really started off right as we eagerly greeted our bartenders with sweaty hands and dripping brows, thirsty for a delicious Iron Horse Brewery ale. We laughed about life, planned our next bar location on the IPA Chauncy coasters with bic Pens, and left the FNL with high fives for all.

I will skip all the sordid details but I will tell you that we made it to 9 bars: 301, Shooters, The Tav, etc to name a few and some of them twice. The coolest part of it all, I got to swing dance for about 30 minutes at the Fairgrounds, and someone thought I was doing the chicken dance instead. Yes, I’m that good.

As result of this pub run night, I realized I am better at selling beer than drinking it, at least I hope. I capped the night off at the FNL with a sip of Boones (thanks to the man in the yellow hat) and of course an Irish Death.

I share this story not to make light of my beverage mixing, nor to encourage overconsumption but to point out all the wonderful establishments we have here in the ‘Burg, and maybe to ease my ego a little. I was having so much fun, I never wanted to go home, in fact I think I actually said 9.375 times, “ this is so fun, I never want to go home.” This day and experience just reiterated my love for this town, it’s bars and restaurants, and its ability to tolerate me, on a Friday night from 11:59 am to 11:03 pm.

Side note: don’t mix Irish Death, Boones, Manhattans, and Fireball. Not ever, not once. Stick to delicious craft beer, and in this case, more is not better:)

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