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Spending Halloween with Marty

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Spending Halloween with Marty


*Originally written by Marissa Toussaint

Halloween is a great time for people to express their inner weirdo. As for myself, it’s definitely my favorite holiday.

I personally like to channel my inner Marty. Halloween weekend is when he is most accepted throughout the community.

Marty likes three things– beer, partyin’, and his best friend, Steve. Although Marty may seem tough, he is notorious for losing street fights, unsuccessfully tries to pick up chicks at the classic Halloween house party every year, and is always kicked off the countertops while trying to get his groove on. Word to the wise, do not ask a dude, “i’ll show you mine, if you show me yours.” That statement right there, will get ya in trouble.



Now, you may say to yourself, Marty sounds like a real jackass. Well, you’re right, he is. But he is also seriously misunderstood. All he wants is to go trick or treating without being told to go home. He wants to make new friends and have a nice relaxing evening every once in awhile. He likes to carve pumpkins, but everyone keeps sharp objects away from him. It’s a little hard to carve a pumpkin with a butter knife. But, he tries his best anyways.

When Marty tries to stay home and pass out candy to the children, they run in fear. All the parents throw out the candy he gives. He doesn’t understand why, all he does is package the candy in larger quantities using plastic baggies.

This Halloween, when you see Marty out and about give him a high five and maybe you’ll get something special in return.

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