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Stinking Viking Pilot Batch

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Stinking Viking Pilot Batch


Stinking Viking

Vienna Lager Bastardized

Batch 5953


This beer comes to us from Cousin John Patchett. John is an enthusiastic consumer of craft beer news and information, and as such noticed the emergence of a little-known yeast, Kveik (pronounced Quake with a little V in it, so QUvAKE?) that has been used since antiquity in Norway. This Norwegian Farmhouse yeast was purported to be passed from family to family either by way of dried cakes or inoculated brewing paddles. Such is oral history, always a little mystery. When John saw that this yeast was now commercially available he requested we get some. He was intrigued by the interesting characteristics of the yeast. For instance, it can ferment up to and perhaps beyond 100 degrees Fahrenheit, which are temperatures that will kill most beer yeast. It can also be fermented at sub-ale temperatures for a clean yeast profile. Since it was too late for his other dream of producing a Vienna lager in time for Oktoberfest to come true he mashed up the two and now you have a Stinking Viking.

This beer is only available on tap at [ the pub ] at this time and will be available in limited locations in our market area. Bring your growlers and crowlers to [ the pub ] to get some to go.


Tasting Notes

Appearance – Bright, medium-dark amber. 

Aroma – Dominated by malty notes including pie crust, caramel, toffee and graham cracker with just a hint of berry.  

Taste – Defined by low to medium bitterness, subtle sweetness, and light minerality carried on a light malt palate.

ABV – 5.25%



½ BBL – Crazy Limited

⅙ BBL – Fairly Limited

Crowler – Yes

Growler – Yes

Pint – Yes

Schooner – Yes


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