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60 Seconds With Hannah Stewart

Name: Hannah StewartProfession: Professional drinker currently…soon to be designing the shit out of your house. (Interior design major)Family: My physical therapist ginger sister and my curly headed f**k 18-year-old brother and my beautiful mother and santa lookin fatherHobbies: Snowboarding, playing guitar & drinking beerMug Club Name: Crayon# of Tattoos: 10


60 Seconds With Jettrell Stetner

How many cats is too many? Name: Jettrell Stetner Profession: Cousin Coordinator at IHB Family: One kid, 2 dogs Hobbies: Mountain biking Residency: Ellensburg Mug Club Status: S***face Favorite Comedian: Sloptober


60 Seconds With…Episode III

We like Pat Kelly. He likes us so it works out. Name: Patrick Kelly Family:  A couple of kids and a couple of grandkids Profession: Owner of Tim’s Chips Cascade distribution Residency: Ellensburg, WA Mug Club Status: First year member, “Bulldog” Favorite Movie: Monty Python and the Holy Grail Prefers his Eggs: Scrambled