Greg Parker

America. The beer by AB-Inbev.

America. Bahahahahaha!  Are you serious AB-Inbev, the Brazilian managed Belgian brewer? America. Please tell me in what way your product is worthy of being labeled America? Please tell me how in any way you embody what is great about America or even what is unique about America. I doubt that you can or more likely… Read more »

Ross Chalstrom

Rooting for Awkwardness

As a Seahawks fan, I was obviously bummed they decided to take a collective dump during the first half of the Carolina contest and, as a result, didn’t make the big game.  Oh well, they used to suck, and now they’re relevant, so there’s a silver lining.  Now, unlike the last two years, I have… Read more »

Dane Williams

AB-InBEV’s Positive Impact on the Craft Industry

You may be one of the many who believe there’s no way ABI could have any positive impact on the Craft Beer Industry. If you’re one of these folks you might be mistaken. ABI continues to develop its Global Management Trainee Program and put less value on seasoned employees. Veteran employees with countless years of… Read more »