Rikki Welz

National Beer Day

April 7, 1933, something really neat happened. Let’s let Wikipedia tell you what it was. The beginning of the end of Prohibition in the United States occurred as a result of the Cullen–Harrison Act and its signing into law by President Franklin D. Roosevelt on March 23, 1933. Upon signing the legislation, Roosevelt made his… Read more »

Connie Morgan

The Morning After

St. Patrick’s day is approaching which means a hangover is approaching. I am lucky that for whatever reason I rarely get hangovers but St. Paddy Day gets me every time. Even though there isn’t a drop of Irish blood in me St. Paddy Day has got to be one of my favorite times a year…. Read more »


Cool Things in Beer History

*Originally written by Paul Baker who quit Hey Everyone I’m back from my self imposed exile from blog writing. Beer is a fickle and demanding mistress and she has been demanding a lot more time recently. In any case. I’m back with some history that I thought you might enjoy. So we know that beer… Read more »

Rikki Welz


Happy Reinheitsgebot Day! Hi Everybody! Rikki here again! Yay! This blog was also contributed to by Tyson, and Jeff. But they are doing real stuff right now… Today, while “working”, Jeff, our new and knowledgeable master of kegging (and master of beards) wished me a happy Reinheitsgebot day. What a guy! What is Reinheitsgebot you… Read more »