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EWBF Beers

A list of all the beers at Eastern Washington Brew Fest Eastern Washington Brew Fest Saturday, May 18th, 2019 2 p.m. – 6 p.m. in the Rotary Pavilion Downtown EllensburgIf you don’t know where that is, just head to [ the pub ] at 412 N. Main St. and we’ll point you in the right… Read more »

Jared Vallejo

Eastern Washington Brewfest 2015

May. A wonderful time of year. Beer. A wonderful kind of cheer. Fest. Better than the rest. That’s it. That’s all I got for rhyming. Read the press release then proceed. Or skip it and head on over to… www.easternwashingtonbrewfest.com For Immediate Release Iron Horse Brewery Announces 3rd Annual, Second Consecutive Eastern Washington Brewfest in… Read more »


Adventures in Brewfesting

*Originally written by Tess McIntyre who quit Today I’m going to tell you about me. 1. because its one of my favorite subject and 2. because we foster narcissism here at IHB.  Maybe that’s not true and maybe those are both the same reason and maybe, maybe, it’s my parent’s fault. I don’t know.  I’m confused…. Read more »

Jared Vallejo

Eastern Washington Brewfest in Central Washington

LOOKING FOR 2015 Eastern Washington Brewfest Info? It’s RIGHT HERE. It may seem like we are shouting. We are. Here’s the press release announcing our little Eastern Washington Brewfest in Central Washington. UPDATE: Here’s the list of participating breweries.  We’re stoked. Icicle Brewery Wild Earth Brewing Yakima Craft Top Frog Brewery Orlison Brewing Co. Alpine… Read more »