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Molly Glockner

Beer That Pairs Well With Holiday Shenanigans

Beer (and other alcoholic beverages) that pairs with holiday shenanigans and how I won the lottery- TWICE! Ok, this blog is definitely about Holiday Shenanigans, but first a quick note; Something that some people may or may not know about me is that I’ve won the lottery, not once but TWICE. I know crazy right?… Read more »

Alex Grosby

Worthless Clickbait About Music And Beer

If you ever get to know me, you’ll find out pretty quickly I’m passionate about music. It’s what led me to get IHB up on Spotify and try to curate some fine beer drinking tunes. It’s leading me through some other fun IHB endeavors and such.  So, excuse me when I’m flicking through the latest… Read more »


Press Release About Cozy Community Fund Changes

####################### For Immediate Release Iron Horse Brewery Announces the Return of the Cozy Community Fund in a Different Format Drinking beer helps other people. So does partying at [ the pub ]. ELLENSBURG, WA  (October 31, 2017) The holiday season inspires us to open our hearts to help others. Every year we facilitate the Cozy… Read more »

Nicole Klauss

Cozy Community Recap

Many of you in Kittitas County have consumed Cozy Sweater beer this winter. (Many of you have consumed one too many a time or two.) And some of you got real festive and attended the Cozy Sweater vs. Mocha Death Party. Because of you and a handful of generous businesses in the community, Iron Horse… Read more »

Jared Vallejo

New Press Release About Creating Cozy Communities

####################### For Immediate Release Iron Horse Brewery Announces the Return of the Cozy Community Fund Drinking beer helps other people. So does partying at [ the pub ]. ELLENSBURG, WA  (October 13, 2016) Cozy Sweater is back and is accompanied by a new beer this year, Cozy-er Sweater. Cozy Sweater, a vanilla milk stout is… Read more »


Started From the Bottom now it’s BEER

*Originally written by Taylor Castillo who quit Freshman year in college is an interesting time to say the least. You’re no longer under the scrutiny of your parents, you create your own class schedule (which means no classes before 10 a.m.), and you get to experience your first traumatic hangover. Before turning 21, I absolutely… Read more »


Boise is Rad

*Originally written by Emily Palmer who quit Idaho?! No, U-da—O.K. we won’t go there. Being an Idahoan (Idahoer? Idahoian?) there is nothing I enjoy more than bragging about what an amazing and beautiful place this is while simultaneously making bad jokes about it. I’m sure other Idaho natives have the same feelings.. To get to… Read more »

Jared Vallejo

Cozy Community Fund Update and The Giving Virus

Generosity is a curious thing. It inspires or in my case, makes me feel substandard for not living up to the expectations I created in my mind space. What’s incredible though is how giving, without expectation of return, can be infectious, like a virus, but the good kind of virus. As Greg likes to put… Read more »

Rikki Welz

Cozy Community Fund Update

Hi Everybody! Rikki here, yet again, with all the exclamation points a person could need!! The super holiday season that runs from Oct 31st to Jan 3rd is finally at an end. The tinsel fueled melee in our home (sorry husband, I’ll never volunteer us for hosting again. Well, at least for the next two months…) has… Read more »

Rikki Welz

The Cozy Community Spectacular Extravaganza Gift-Times for All

Hey Y’all! Rikki here again!     Ellensburg is a super-rad-tastic town, as most of you already know. When someone needs a helping hand, we have proven time and again how teamwork can make a difference. In the past, Iron Horse Brewery has teamed up with other local businesses  with the intent of  making an impact… Read more »