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Justine Malland

It’s High Five Season: An Origin Story

Have you ever wondered where the high five originated? What genius came up with the idea to slap two hands together high in the air? No? Me either. But, we are about to find out. As you know, or at least, I hope you do… one of our most popular beers is the High Five… Read more »

Morgan Moran

Hoopfest – A Brewery Workers Downfall

Working at a brewery, most in the industry will tell you, is not the easiest of work. Stress is at an all time high most of the time. Worrying about beers crashing properly, equipment running efficiently, and new brews turning out the way that you want is enough to make the Dalai Lama want a… Read more »

Nicole Klauss

Fifty Shades of Outrage

Having a bad day? Beer can help. Here are some personal recommendations of Iron Horse Brewery beer styles best suited for outrage according to someone who is easily outraged. For the record I think I am generally an OK person who enjoys sharing my beer benefits with others (proof here), but when someone I know… Read more »


Arnold Schwarzenegger Drinks Beer

*Originally written by Tyler Hansen who quit Workouts and beer pairings. Why? Because I love beer and I love lifting. And who doesn’t enjoy a cold beer after a hard workout? So here are my personal favorites to pair after lifting some heavy weight or sprinting down a mountain side. After a heavy leg day?… Read more »

Jared Vallejo

Iron Horse Brewery Updates via a Letter to Aunt Gertrude

Sometimes, I find it difficult to write updates on things, so instead I pretend I have an Aunt Gertrude and write her letters. ———- Dear Aunt Gertrude, It’s been 6 months since our last real correspondence, so I thought I’d take the time to write you a fictitious letter and update you on some things… Read more »

Jared Vallejo

Interns Recreate 80’s Movie Scenes Contest # 6

Well, this is the second to last 80’s movie scene. Next week, it will be a three movie mash up, so prepare yourself. But until the shoe drops, we’ll focus on the present. Today’s photo features a very special guest and muppet fan Rikki. Why? 1. because she is awesome and 2. because she was… Read more »

Jared Vallejo

Interns Recreate 80’s Movie Scenes – Contest #3

Okay, so the first two rounds of the Interns Recreate 80’s Movie Scenes were a bit on the easy side. Or, you all know your 80’s movies too well. I’m going with the former. This week’s photo is from one of my favorite movies. And by favorite, I mean, I watched it once and laughed…. Read more »


High Five a Charity part dos

*Originally written by Tess McIntyre who quit Hello people of the internet. This quick blog is to let you know we are creeping up on part two of our High Five a Charity initiative. What is that you say, young marsupial? You don’t know about this ‘High Five a Charity’ thingy? Well that’s crazy that… Read more »


The Interns Recreate the 80s: Take Two

*Originally written by Tess McIntyre who quit We’ve used Random.org to pick our week two winner and they have been notified. You only have to wait two more days to play this game all over again. To get you through these next two, most hardest days of your life, we offer you some behind the… Read more »


Chrons of the Summer Stache Pt. Something

*Originally written by Peter Heinen Hello again, Mustache Pete here and proudly reporting on the progress of the summer stache. Okay, proudly might be poorly worded but the stache is coming along. Once again I will state if I was a brunette then the stache would be way more impressive…. but if you get PRETTY… Read more »


Embracing the 80’s has finally paid off

*Originally written by Tess McIntyre who quit I just got back from a 10 day vacation. That is not just a fact and a brag. Or a Frag. Bract. I needed to tell you this so that I could then say this: The highlight of my vacation, besides drinking 21 bottles of wine (responsibly. sorry,… Read more »


Mustache Update: Week Two-ish

*Originally written by Tess McIntyre We know you’ve been missing these golden locks. Oh, and there is a blonde little mustache in there somewhere. Good work Mustache Pete. Or Mustache-ish Pete. High Five. We can’t wait for the week when it really pops.



Hugging has got to be one of the worst communication devices ever invented. The intention is good and all, letting someone know you care enough about them to touch their torso to yours; but the road to Hell is paved with good intentions. What heartwarming form of human contact doesn’t suck you ask? The high… Read more »


High Five A Charity Update for your Faces

*Originally written by Tess McIntyre who quit Yes. Yes. We here at Iron Horse Brewery tend to conduct ourselves with a melange of sass, irreverence, and sarcasm and that’s how we like to present ourselves to the world. And triple Yes, we have indeed launched a campaign to end the hug. Replacing full body contact… Read more »


Show Us Our Cans

*Originally written by Tess McIntyre who quit We’ve spent about 1,000 hours over the past six months obsessing over the release of our Iron Horse six-pack cans of High Five Hefe. Finally after 47 temper tantrums, 21 presentations, and a lot of fanagaling [is this even a word?], last week we canned that -ish up. Woot. Kapow…. Read more »


Hey Tess, Why are you Crying?

*Originally written by Tess McIntyre who quit. I’m feeling so many emotions. Like a lot. Like real ones. Usually this “feeling the emotions” would get me shunned and/or kicked out of Iron Horse World Wide Headquarters but today, they’ve made an exception. High Five Hefe Cans exist. exclamation point. Yes, they are empty, but we’re… Read more »

Jared Vallejo

High Five Hefe in 6 – 12 oz Cans

Hello. I want to High Five you. But first I want to tell you about High Five Hefe. Below is the press release. Please read it, or don’t. Or do. Either way, now, I high five you. Extra bonus: Here’s a picture of the pilot cans, which are not the real cans, but the pretend… Read more »


You Show us Yours and We’ll Show You Ours

*Originally written by Regan Rinker who quit We have a contest for you. Make this recipe and show us a picture of your version of this dish on Facebook, Instagram (@ironhorsebrewery) and/or Twitter (@ironhorsebeer).  Two lucky makers of this beer meal will win a ticket to the Eastern Washington Brewfest on May 16th. Also this… Read more »

Jared Vallejo

VIDEO – Go High Five Yourself

The IHB Film Club made a video showcasing the variety of high fives that are possible when you awkwardly ask people to high five each other in staged situations. The great thing is, every single person in this video was excited to participate. That’s the power of a high five, I suppose. Or maybe they… Read more »

Jared Vallejo

The Iron Horse IPA Horse.

One day, several weeks ago, Natalia and I were having one of our impromptu note taking sessions in the beer room. (we talk to each other about marketing related stuff, take notes, then dare each other to be in charge of that thing we just noted) One of our discussions led to Iron Horse IPA… Read more »