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Chronicles of the Summer Stache Pt. 1

*Originally written by Peter Heinen Hello Iron Horse lovers and beer connoisseurs, I am one of the three new interns at Iron Horse Brewery. I would love to tell you all about myself but honestly, who really cares about the interns anyway? Right? My names Peter, I’m the tall blonde with the Farrah Fawcett haircut…. Read more »

Natalia Parker

Go High Five Yourself

I love our High Five Hefe for many reasons. Because its delicious. Because it was one of the first beers that Greg homebrewed, and therefore I got to watch the maiden batch ferment in our bathroom. Because it’s an original interpretation of a prolific style. But mostly because, every time I look at the label,… Read more »

Jared Vallejo

The Iron Horse IPA Horse.

One day, several weeks ago, Natalia and I were having one of our impromptu note taking sessions in the beer room. (we talk to each other about marketing related stuff, take notes, then dare each other to be in charge of that thing we just noted) One of our discussions led to Iron Horse IPA… Read more »