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Jake Fleming

That Time I Fu#%ed Up The Centrifuge

I wrote a blog a of couple years back about the top 3 fuck up’s that the brewery had experienced.  I think this was a horrible mistake as Karma came back and bit me right in the ass by raining down the worst fuck up probably to happen at the brewery.  I hadn’t ever dumped… Read more »

Morgan Moran

Hoopfest – A Brewery Workers Downfall

Working at a brewery, most in the industry will tell you, is not the easiest of work. Stress is at an all time high most of the time. Worrying about beers crashing properly, equipment running efficiently, and new brews turning out the way that you want is enough to make the Dalai Lama want a… Read more »

Jake Fleming

Top 3 Fu#$-Ups At The Brewery

So I’ve worked at Iron Horse for right around six years and I have seen some shit happen that makes you want to walk away and cry in a corner.  There is a lot that can happen when working with beer.  Spills, wrong mash-in’s, valves being left open, the wrong tank being packaged… the list… Read more »